Replace FUNCTIONTHEORY: 07/01/2011 - 08/01/2011


VegasDrift rd 3

WOW what a crazy, exciting, scary, depressing, slow, day. to start out our boy joey did even make it past practice due to steering failure cause him to slam into the wall. and total his car. then once qualifying had begun the top quallifyer at 89 points aaron escobedo, went for his second run in qualifying and ended up slamming sideways going 50+ mph in to the k rail causing his helment to be knocked of his head and knocking him unconcious, this was the scary part. he was rushed to the hospital but the later released only having a slight concusion. all in all everyone was ok and there was some good ol drifting. 3rd place was Corey Hosfoed in his V8 powerd S13, 2nd place was George Marstonvic with his V8 powerd RX7, and FIRST PLACE was Mauricio Ornelas with his RB25 powerd S14. congrats to all the drivers. and big congrats to Mauricio for beating the V8's. we will see you next round 4 at formula d las vegas.




well well well, look what we have here. a clean and yet uber functional car. we are please to welcome zach to our functional army. he has shared with us his very sexy  95 gsr, however don't let the cleanliness fool you. he is packing some heat under the hood. he has recently just got the motor back in after building it about 3 weeks ago. he is waiting on hondata so he can get it tuned, he is hoping for 400+ hp which shouldn't be too hard based on his set up.  enjoy.

95 integra gsr
jdm b18c stock sleeves
supertech dual valve springs
oem valves
4 angle valve job
gsr cams
mild port work
81mm 9:1 je pistons
eagle h beam rods
oem bearings
fully balanced 
knife edged
victor x manifold port matched to the head and TB
omni 70mm TB
omni 3 bar
custom oil catch can
880cc precision injectors
shaved valve cover

synapse ram horn kit
stainless ram horn
tial 38mm v-band wastegate 10psi/w stainless v-band dp
tail 50mm bov
2.5 ic piping powder coated black
gt35r v-band .70/.63
3 inch stainless dp
500hp garrett ic
3 inch kteller stanless exhaust w/magnaflow muffler

jdm front 
usdm 5 lug
rsx wheels w/nexen tires
98+ rear bumper
98+side veiw mirrors
98+all red tail lights
25% tent
new brakes and rotors on the front 
h&r 2.5 race springs
rear wiper deleted
side moldings shaved
rear squirter shaved
rear blox lcas
rare oem optional sides,rear valances,and front lip
fully tucked w/battery in the truck and fuse box under the passager air bag hole
downstar inc,valve cover nuts,front camber nuts,tucked clutch line,and v.1 hardware kit
dm-5 wideband
autometer sport comp boost.oil temp and oil pressure
usdm type r gauge cluster
painted viper blue off a 98 dodge viper gts
bay panted metallic silver
tucked brake lines
mishimoto radiator
new stage 5 comp clutch
new oem flywheel
new axles
sony cd player 
2 10inch ma audio subs w/1000w rca amp


The next BIG thing

Well today we finally have an official car, Vegas local Joey is an up an coming drifter, for the first part of his drifting career he was only running a stock single cam. He has just recently made the jump to an RB20. This is joeys first year participating in Vegas drift pro am and tomorrow will be the third round and first time he will compete with his RB20. We ran a feature on his car earlier this week, since then he has added some more stuff to get ready for the event. Grand national coil pack, two 16 inch mishimoto fans, parts shop max  tie rod spacers, plated lower control arms. we fitted his car with proper functiontheory stickers so he can properly represent.So we wish him all the luck for tomorrow.