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           Upon returning from our trip across country to pick up my sick new toy. I knew I really needed to finish my cage completely, this basically was just getting bobby to get me some 16g steel plate for the a pillar dimple dies, paint the cage, interior back in, dash cut to fit, glue in the window I failed to break upon removal, and some wiring. It seems like a lot but in reality it was very easy stuff to do, but with the weather heating up and I was also moving.  So it's been pretty easy to just blow off working on the 240, but at the same time I was very excited to get it all running and drive it. So yesterday I finished it, changed the oil and almost took it to the car wash, but ever needed to pick up a gas tank for his 14 so he can finally get that thing running. So tomorrow Sunday June 1st I will officially complete the 240sx cage project, with a simple wash it will mark the completion of my project.

Had ever snap a few just to show what it looks like ( which according to Ian is the same as before) but anyway I'll take some better ones after I get it washed tomorrow 


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What an amazing weekend. I'm so glad we had the opportunity to come to FDATL. It's as good as everyone said. the track is beautiful, it is  basically just cut through a Forrest. The fans are awesomely energetic, the track is just insane. The amout of ellivation changes is insane, and like everyone says pictures don't do justice to how insanely steep it is. That's not the only part that is craZy,the part leading up to the horseshoe is steep uphill, and the horseshoe it's self is angled all crazy, And the rumble strips are basically small curbs. We have been to many FD events and this one totally takes the cake. This stop on the FD tour is a must, I highly recommend coming to this event. 

Like yesterday I had ever shoot some pics.  There is about 75 total so I added a flickr link so you can see them all. But here are aome of my favs. 

Please take a look at all the pictures on Flickr. Ever did an amazing job taking them. 


FDATL day 1

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Today was day 1 of FDATL and what started off great,ended up not so geat. It poured and rained through the end of practice and on into qualifying.  The track stayed damp through pretty much both practice sessions. So speeds were slow, drivers were sloppy, they gave everyone 1 practice run right before there qualifying run so it was very long and drawn out. They ended up not even having a top 32 practice cause of noise curfew.  Ever had his camera and I wanted him to get some shots. We weren't really in the best place to get awesome shots. But he managed to get some good ones. I'm tired it's 1:30am here I'm going to bed 


VEGASDRIFT Practice 5/4/2014

Best Blogger Tips                                        OK short and sweet. its 11:30 pm im leaving on my trip across america in 5 hours im super tired but i wanted to get these pictures posted, since by the time i get back in 2 weeks they will be old news. I shot a ton of pics there is about 250 total on my Flickr which i will link you too at the end of this post. some of the pictures are cool, some aren't apparently i got some debris in my camera that i didn't notice until i had it on a large computer screen, so deal with it. the pics are free you can do what ever you want with them. i only ask that you shoot my a shout out, link my blog, or something to give me some views. Im tired here are the pics if you didn't get in im sorry most likely it was out of focus, i did try to shoot everyone's car.