Best Blogger Tips                       I don't really get on here as often as i should, even though im always fixing, fabing, modifying, changing, improving, destroying, or doing something car related. but to be honest usually every project that i do i always think about taking pictures after i have already finished, then i pretty much just say forget it and figure ill post one picture on instagram. however this situation is different in a few ways, 1 Ever just got a new camera so i figured i could get him to snap a few pictures since his pictures are always awesome, and second doing a cage is a pretty big thing so i figured i have a blog why not use it.

So in our local drift sanctioning body (VEGAS DRIFT) and most every other sanctioning body, you need to have a cage with door bars to tandem or compete in pro am events. I had one lonely friend who was a black sheep amongst us, he was the only one that couldn't tandem with us at the last event which was a bummer, cause we had some pretty large trains going on. so he figured he would ask me if i could build him a cage whats the worst i could say "no". So he asked and we struck up a great deal for the both of us. Let the build begin.

The criteria for the build was going to a very basic cage that would allow him to pass tech, and allow him tandem with us. My parameters were that it would only have 1 passenger door bar, just a basic 2 bar driver door bar, no X's anywhere, only dimple dies on the A pillars, no extra gussets, basically not a Fanboi stupid overly done cage with dimple dies ALL OVER. He didn't want any of that anyway, he just wanted a cage just so he could pass tech, and tandem with us. This is also one of the reasons i did the cage, because i knew he would be happy with anything i did no matter how basic. In all actuality i like having a very simple cage anyway. Keeps the weight down, keeps the cost down, and its better to let your driving do the talking not how stupid crazy over done your cage is. The worst is to show up to an event with a crazy built car and not even be able to drift, or drift the whole track, or be consistent.

So what he ended up with was an amazingly tight fitting simple yet clean looking cage that is going to allow him to have fun at any event he does. Im very happy with how it came out and im sure he is happy too.


PRIVATEER: Taka Aono + The Flying AE86

Best Blogger Tips PRIVATEER: Taka Aono + The Flying AE86 [Documentary] from Flying Boy Films on Vimeo.

Do Taka a solid and watch this video. very interesting and puts into perspeective the true idea of drifting, and how much fun you can have.


I'm not going to lie

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This has got me motivated. I really want to make my eg look like this, But I feel like it's my lack of funds that is forcing my to want to do free mods like this. But in reality won't do much for me, I swear the devil takes these pictures then allows me to stumble on them just to test my will power.

Best Blogger Tips

Best Blogger Tips